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Gifts for Expecting Moms


Gifts For Expecting Mothers New Mom Gift

From the moment a woman learns that there’s life inside her, the baby is the priority. There are diapers to stock, cribs to assemble, and toys to buy. However, the mom-to-be needs some love, too!

Remind the soon-to-be mom that you’re there to support them in this wonderful journey. Our jewelry for expecting mothers, called the Love Knot, carries all the sentiment and hope this next chapter brings. This design reflects the unbreakable bond between two souls — the mother and her child — and consists of unbroken loops with no beginning and no end.

More Than Just a Necklace

Sure, you can buy her diamonds, but a simple gift representing her and her baby is priceless for an expecting mother. To take your necklace to the next level, pair it with other personalized gifts or other precious presents befitting a mom.

Made of Precious Materials

Our Love Knot Necklaces are unique gifts for any pregnant mom because they aren’t sold in stores. It’s crafted with brilliant 14k white gold over stainless steel. Because it has a stainless-steel core, the necklace will keep its shape and stand up to whatever rough and tumble motherhood brings. Its white gold exterior won’t rust, tarnish, or corrode, making it the perfect accessory for every outfit.

The jewelry is set with cubic zirconia stones and swings from an adjustable chain. This kind of jewelry elevates everyday clothes and accentuates formal wear. It’s elegant and will never go out of style.

Big Messages from the Little One

What makes our Love Knots truly heartfelt are the unique messages that come with each gift. Soon-to-be moms will cherish these notes and keep them for many years — even if the small bump in their belly has grown into an independent child. It’s the kind of keepsakes we at Dads Are Awesome want you to have.

Get the perfect necklace for the expecting mom in your life.

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