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Dad Bod Shirts

Women Go Crazy Over These Dad Bod Shirts!

Breaking new for all dads with a little “extra” around the middle: Your body is actually the definition of “sexy” for more than half the female population!


What exactly is a dad bod?

The phrase “dad bod” refers to an average guy who doesn’t have a lean, shredded physique. He might instead of a paunch or beer belly, without being hugely overweight. Very much like the stereotypical suburban father of a nuclear family.

Is a dad bod attractive?

According to recent surveys more then 60% of women would prefer a man with a “dad bod” over a man who is considered muscular or has six-pack abs.

Why is the dad bod a good thing?

The dad bod is something to be proud of for a number of reasons. The dad bod puts family first. The dad bod is just as capable as someone leaner, but also shows you are strong and able to meet the ever-changing demands of being a father.

To keep things simple, women love the dad bod because it’s real! And women love men who are real and authentic. A dad bod is not a result of long hours at the gym, a super strict diet, or any performance enhancing drugs. It’s the result of a balanced, healthy lifestyle!

Check out our collection below of Dad Bod Shirts and show yours off today! Wear it prod and wear it loud.

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