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Looking For The Best Cocktail Smoker And Accessories?  

Cocktails that are smoked aren't just found in fancy bars with showy mixologists anymore. You can still find them in these places, but you can now also make them at home. 

Get one of the best cocktail smokers on the market. Our various cocktail smoker kits and accessories make the perfect gift for any occasion. They also make the perfect addition to any man cave or game room.

What does a cocktail smoker do?

A cocktail smoker is a device that is used to add visual smoke as well as smoke flavor to your drink of choice. There are several different types of cocktail smokers to choose from such as a smoking box, smoking dome, cloche, etc. They all usually involve some type of smoker gun and wood chips.

Are cocktail smokers worth it?

If you enjoy smoking foods and you enjoy drinking cocktails then it definitely is worth trying out whether or not you would enjoy a smoked cocktail. The smoke is not meant to be overpowering, but is intended to add an additional depth of flavor to your drink. 

What is a cocktail smoker kit?

Most cocktail smoker kits will include a smoke board, butane torch, some type of lid or dome to cover your drink and trap the smoke, and different flavors of wood chips to try. Sometimes a case is included so that you can easily store everything away neatly.


How long do you smoke a cocktail?

Here is a good way to get started. Start by smoking your sugar, and garnishes first for 2 minutes. It’s easier to infuse the smoke flavor into the garnishes compared to the alcohol. After the first smoke repeat the process again for 2 minutes. Now make your drink and combine your garnishes and smoke the cocktail for 2 minutes and you’re done!


How do you smoke a cocktail at home?

The best way to smoke a cocktail at home would be to purchase a cocktail smoker kit. These usually come with a cocktail smoke board or cocktail smoker box, butane torch, some sort of dome lid, and various wood chips to try. You can start out by smoking your ice, sugar, and garnishes and then combine them into your cocktail.


Each of our kits are handmade in our small workshop in the eastern united states. We pack each smoking kit to be opened as a gift and we are proud to use environmentally friendly and bio-degradable packing material.


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